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PE/DY for Companies Eligible for Specialized Activities
PE/DY Per Sector
Average PE/DY

  PE/DY Per Sector
Sector NameP/E RatioDY(%)
Basic Resources16.487.22
Building Materials20.042.94
Contracting & Construction Engineering16.284.54
Education Services19.584.81
Energy & Support Services21.7414.40
Food, Beverages and Tobacco11.378.10
Health Care & Pharmaceuticals18.225.25
IT , Media & Communication Services5.257.66
Industrial Goods , Services and Automobiles9.2012.73
Non-bank financial services8.118.51
Paper & Packaging14.6311.64
Real Estate14.447.22
Shipping & Transportation Services7.7611.03
Textile & Durables11.718.16
Trade & Distributors6.17 
Travel & Leisure16.7915.40