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Year 2021 Holidays
Eastern Christmas
January 7 (Thursday)
25th of January Revolution - Police Day
January 25 (Monday)**
Sinai Liberation Day
April 25 (Sunday)***
Labor Day 
May 1 (Saturday)
May 2 (Sunday)
Sham El Nessim
May 3 (Monday)
Eid El Fitr
May 13 - 14 (Thursday-Friday)*
Banks Holiday
July 1 (Thursday)
Eid El Adha
July 19 - July 21 (Monday-Wednesday)*
Revolution Anniversary
July 23 (Friday)
Islamic New Year (Hegris 1443)
August 9 (Monday)*
Armed Force Day
October 6 (Wednesday)
Prophet Mohamed's Birthday (Mawled El Nabi)
October 18 (Monday)

* Date liable to change
** Thursday 28th of January holiday instead it
*** Thursday 29th of April holiday instead of it
EGX weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays